Wireless IR Transmitter Infrared Receiver Blaster Repeater Extender for HD DVR STB

IR Remote Extender with Emitters&Receiver Infrared distribution Repeater Hidden System Kit

The Remote Repeater is a system that repeats the signal of your audio/video device remote control. You can have your audio/video equipment in a closed closet and use this system to connect to the equipment,so you may be able to use your remote control(S) outside of the closed space. This system has three parts.The IR Receiver can be mounted in a central location and it receivers the IR signal from your remote controls.The IR Emitters connect to your audio/video device to receive the signal. The IR Distribution Block is the central point that receives the IR signal from the IR Receiver and outputs it to emitter.


Receive Frequency Range: 34Khz to 60Khz

Transmit Frequencies: 38Khz& 56khz

Receive Range: 8 Meter

Emitter Range: 100mm-200mm

Power: 12VDC,30mA MAX.

Dimensions(IR Receiver): 31(L)*17(W)*13(H)mm

(IR Emitters): 13(L)*8(W)*5.5(H)mm

(IR connecting Block):90(L)*55(W)*26(H)mm

Cord length (IR Receiver): 1.5Meter

(IR Emitters): 3 Meter

Connector Type: 3.5mm mini plug

Weight (IR Receiver): 0.03Kg

(IR Emitters): 0.03Kg

(IR connecting Block): 0.15Kg

Package Includes:

1 X DC Power Supply

IR Receiver (Any Qty )

IR Emitters (Any Qty )

1 X IR Distribution Block

1 X User Manual

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