DVI to VGA adapter with audio

AV Star’s DVI to VGA with audio applied to equipments such as DVIinput signal source ,through this converter connected ,TV/monitor/projector display device output and speaker or earphone audio device output etc,thus This AV Star’s DVI to VGA with audio cable can solve the user display device connection scheme.

Built-in chipset.
Convert the DVI output port to an analog VGA input with the this Conversion cable.       
Can use for DVI input and VGA output device.
support Audio output.

Power Input  : no need power
DVI Input : the DVI 24+1 Male Input interface
VGA Output:VGA Female signal Output interface
Audio output: 3.5mm Audio
The 3.5mm stereo can splitte two RCA audio.

Noted: DVI side must support audio, or the audio output would be useless.

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