USB3.0 AM-AM Cable

USB3.0 AM to AM cable

1.USB3.0 Cable,Support high-speed transmission up to 128MB / s.
2.USB2.0/1.1 compatible devices.
3.28AWG/24AWG copper conducto
Super Speed USB3.0 supporting data Rate Over 10xUSB2.0 performance
 Compatible with USB Rev3.0/2.0/1.1
 For connecting computer or Notebook to HD-DVD/Big mobiles memory
 Gold - plated copper contacts minimize data loss
 Foiled and braided shield complies with fully rated cable specifications
 Impedance matches twisted pair construction helps to minimize cross talk, super high- speed, error-free transmission
 Compliant with USB 2.0&1.1
 Be applicable to I/O USB
 Data transfer with power
 USB VER3.0  UL20276  28AWG+24AWG or 30AWG
 OD: 5.5 
 Connector: AM TO AM
 Length:  1M/1.5m/1.8m/2m/2.5m/3m
 Cable SPEC: UL20276(1P * 28AWG + D + AL + MY) 2C +1 P * 28AWG +2 C * 24AWG + aluminum foil + ground + 3 of copper braided cotton +96 Copper Braided COLOR: BLUE

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